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About Lessons (FAQs)

  • What happens in a piano lesson?

  • What styles of music can I learn?

  • What musical skills are taught?

  • Will I need to practise?

  • Where are lessons held?

  • How long does a lesson last?

  • How much do lessons cost?

  • Do you offer group lessons?

  • Will I need my own piano?

  • What age range will you teach?

General information:

I use the best elements of traditional approaches combined with my own methods to help students realise their greatest musical potential.

than anything else, I aim to make each lesson a fun and uplifting experience. My teaching is always shaped to suit the unique goals, preferences and aptitudes of each student, and I will do everything in my power to support my students. After the beginning stages, students will usually be learning a few pieces at any one time, so a fair part of the lesson will be devoted to these.


I'll often use backing tracks when teaching pop songs. Students love playing along and being part of a big sound.


Lessons are fun AND all important aspects of piano playing are given due attention. That means note reading, playing-by-ear, chords, harmony, theory, technique, scales, arpeggios, posture, improvisation, rhythmic awareness etc.

Lessons take place weekly.

What happens in the first piano lesson?

This lesson will be mostly about my getting to know you. Have you any particular musical goals? Do you want to play classical music and gain an ability to read music? Do you wish to play by ear and learn to improvise? Or all of the above? If you are a beginner we will jump straight into some playing - you will be improvising at the piano by the end of this first lesson!

Or do you already play? If so, we might give some attention to a piece or two you've learnt in the past - this will help me to know how best to guide your way forward.

I'll probably give you a little easy homework and perhaps some music to buy. After that first lesson I'll write my own notes (as I do after every lesson). The wheels are then in motion and our musical journey has begun.

What ages will you teach?

From 6 to 96! I'm very happy to teach anyone within this age range (or older, in fact).

What styles of music do you teach?

Mainly I teach classical, jazz and pop. But other genres are also possible.

Where are lessons held?

At the moment, I am only offering visiting lessons, meaning I will come to you and give the lesson in your home.

How long is a piano lesson?
I recommend 30-minute lessons for my very youngest beginner students. Longer lessons are advised for all other students.

How much?
To see my charges, details of how to pay etc. please go to my 'Fees etc.' page.

Do you offer group lessons?

No, though I will always encourage students to play with other musicians. All my lessons are for one student at a time.

Will I need my own piano?

You will need a piano (which could be a suitable digital piano) at home so that you can play and practise between lessons. If you don't presently have a piano, do take a look at the 'What Kind Of Piano...' page on this site.

Will I need to practise between lessons?
The answer is YES! I strongly advise daily practice. As with any other skill, you will achieve mastery through good quality practice (you might even think of it as training...). Knowing HOW to practise is crucially important, actually. I'll always show my students how to get the most benefit from their practice time.

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