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From Pianist to
Keyboard Player...


In my early days of playing keyboards I found to my cost that being a good piano player did not equal being a good keyboard player - additional/different skills are needed for the latter role.

So I sometimes give lessons to already-proficient pianists that focus

on the skills needed to become a keyboard player. ie. to play synths/electric piano in bands etc.

Regular or one-off lessons

I can help with just about anything related to being a keyboard player. I'm happy to offer one-off or regular lessons, which may include tuition, discussion and advice on...

My keyboard rig (Gary Barlow tour)


2003 (Annie Lennox tour)

Sound Design

​Good 'tone' is absolutely fundamental to any kind of musical performance, no matter what instrument you're playing.

For keyboard players, producing the right sound often requires getting into the nuts and bolts of sound design, synthesis etc. Too often, factory presets are sadly lacking.

I've been creating sounds for all sorts of synthesizers etc. for decades. I can teach you how to create sounds, show you all you need to know about (subtractive) synthesis.


And then... you may need to know how to configure your live rig so that you can instantly access the various sounds in the rough and tumble of a live performance...

Everything related to your onstage amplification/monitoring can be part of a session.

A different kind of 'time' is required for keyboard playing in a band than is called for when playing classical piano. if you're a pianist wanting to be a keyboard player, you may wish to explore this.

The right keyboard part...
I can help you accurately learn the keyboard parts for any song, show how to approach playing keys in a band. I can also help you create parts for original material.

Ear training
The world of chords and harmony is a fascinating one. A great keyboard player will need to be able to accurately discern chords, lines, parts etc. just by listening. This skill can be developed and refined. I'm very happy to help you develop this ability.

Reading charts outside of a classical setting calls for a different approach. Sometimes the music in front of you should not be taken too literally...

Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

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