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Fees etc.

  • The first lesson is an introductory session and is free of charge, with no obligation

  • I operate a pay-in-advance policy for lessons

  • Lessons take place once a week, every week, except for holidays

  • I recommend 30-minute lessons for youngest beginner students

  • Longer lessons are advised for all other students

Lesson cost:
30 minutes: £22

40 minutes: £27
45 minutes: £30
60 minutes: £40

Please note that fees may be a little more for some locations.

There are two payment options...

Option 1: Pay every 6 weeks

​​Payment is made once every six lessons.

Each payment will be in respect of the next six lessons. You will receive a reminder email before each due payment.

For 30 minute lessons you will pay:

£132 every 6 lessons

Option 2: Pay weekly by standing order

Payments are made weekly by standing order (weeks off due to holidays, sickness etc. will be automatically refunded). This is a good option if you want to 'set and forget'.

For 30 minute lessons you will pay:

£22 per week

Please get in touch if you have any queries relating to any of the above.

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